Contest GiveawayDusty Rollers

Enter for your chance to win one of two new recipe kits in your choice of extract or all grain

If you’ve made purchases on our website before or plan to do so in the near future, simply leave comments on the products you’ve purchased. Whether it’s an ounce of grain, fittings or one of our brew kettles, help us help other customers make informed decisions by adding your feedback on our website. This applies to previous purchases, or any new purchases made between now and contest deadline. For each comment, you’ll receive a ballot. No limit on ballots, so if you’re someone who buys a lot of products, consider yourself as having better odds.

CONTEST UPDATE! We decided to extend the contest to the end of June because we’re simply too busy to build the beer kit documentation or web pages right now. We’re spending 99% of our time right now just trying to keep up with orders and inventory. But with that said, we realize that’s unfair to those who have taken the time to write all those wonderful comments, for which we are forever grateful. So we figured the easiest solution is to draw one name today and one more at the end of June. Today’s winner will receive a $50 credit, while the winner at the end of June will receive both beer kits, or a $100 credit if we haven’t had time to build the kits. ALL BALLOTS from the start of the contest will still be in play for the June draw. Thank you for your patience during these STRANGE DAYS!

The winner of our first draw for a $50 coupon was Ivan Eytzen!

The winner of the second and final draw for a $100 coupon was Ross Kirby!

Congratulations Iceman and Ross Kirby!