The Story of Goldsteam Craft Brewing SuppliesDusty Rollers
Brew on Premise I began making beer in 1993 at a brew on premise establishment in Surrey, where they used steam-heated copper kettles. As soon as I walked through the door and smelled that sweet aroma, I knew I had found “my happy place” (Andy Sandberg, Hot Rod). They had plenty of good recipes, but my favorite was their cerveza. It was crisp, clean, and spot on. I was young with an anti-establishment attitude and didn’t want the government taking more of my money. Brewing my own beer was one way to keep a few dollars in my pocket. I brewed there for years before moving to Alberta.

It wasn’t until I joined the military, years later, that I rediscovered my passion. Turned out, there were plenty of military members brewing beer at home, so I followed a recommendation and bought some equipment online. Batch after batch, I brewed wherever the military took me, sharing my homebrew with everyone I met. After being medically grounded as a pilot, I knew there was only one runway left. There was nothing else I liked more than the beer making process, designing recipes and talking to fellow homebrewers about the beers we made, so I decided to return to my happy place.

Harvard II
Goldsteam Chilliwack Store While still in the military, my wife and I started working on a business plan and in 2015, we opened a storefront in Chilliwack, BC. We were happy to finally be in business, but in 2018, developers bought the building and our store was demolished. Since then, we’ve been selling exclusively online, while searching for another storefront opportunity. In the meantime, we continue to proudly serve our loyal customers online, both locally and across Canada. We thank you for your continued support, and look forward to the day we can once again share a homebrew!