Caribbean Dark Rum Flavouring 28 ml


Take your neutral spirit and recreate this classic without spending a fortune.

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Caribbean Dark Rum Flavouring 28 ml Bottle

Caribbean Dark Rum flavouring replicates the authentic taste and deep, rich, golden colour of the world’s most popular rums from Jamaica, including Appleton Estate and Equiano. Smooth on the toungue with a slight sweetness, a hint of spice and dried fruit, toasted honey and notes of wheat bread. Take a neutral spirit produced from a reflux still and water down using reverse osmosis water to 40% alcohol and add the essence. Mix together well and age for at least 2 weeks before serving. This is a cheap and easy way to recreate that authentic caribbean rum taste without having to spend a fortune at the liqueur store. Makes 2.25 litres or 3 x 750ml bottles.

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