CellarScience Clearzyme (1 ml bottle)


Breaks down haze causing proteins, so they cannot bind with tannins.

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CellarScience Clearzyme (1 ml bottle)

Clearzyme by CellarScience is an enzymatic solution to create clear beer by breaking down haze causing proteins so they cannot later bind with tannins. Because it specifically targets only haze active proteins, it has no effect on flavor, aroma or head retention.

Add 1/4 tsp per 5 gallons at the start of fermentation. Works best at a temperature range between 50-68°F and pH of 4-6.

Additional Notes:
Clearzyme is a protease, or proteolytic, enzyme that partially or totally hydrolyzes peptide bonds in protein. The resulting protein fractions are then too small to bond with the polyphenols in hops. One of the huge benefits of Clearzyme is that it removes the need to cold crash, saving time and energy. Clearzyme also breaks down the Gluten protein that causes allergic reactions. Beers made with barley and wheat that have had Clearzyme added typically show gluten levels below 20ppm. Store at temperatures under 70°F. Immediately recap bottle after each use.

The recommended shelf life is 12 months from the date the package is opened.

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