Admiral Pellet Hops (Per Oz)

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A bittering hop that adds zesty citrus, herbal & spicy flavours.


Admiral Pellet Hops

UK Admiral originated in England and was developed by the Horticulture Research International. They crossbred Northdown and Challenger and eventually released this variety in 1998. UK Admiral pellet hops add zesty citrus, herbal and spicy flavours. This variety is used in some very notable commercial beers. Our UK Admiral pellet hops are among the freshest hops you’ll find from any home brew shop in Canada. We nitrogen flush and vacuum seal our hops in mylar foil bags immediately after pickup from local Chilliwack and Yakima growers and suppliers, and keep as little in stock as possible to ensure fresher, better tasting beer!

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Alpha Acid: 13-16%
Beta Acid: 4.8-6.1%
Co-Humulone: 37-45%
Total Oil: 1.0-1.7 mls/100g
Typical Usage: Bittering
Characteristics: Zesty Citrus, Herbal and Spicy
Beer Styles: All English Ales, Bitters and IPA’s
Similar Hop Varieties: Challenger, Northdown

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