Canadian Wheat Ale All Grain Beer Kit


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Kit Yield: Approximately 40 (500 ml) Bottles of Beer
Liquid Yeast Option: White Labs WLP320 American Hefeweizen
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Canadian Wheat Ale All Grain Beer Kit

This refreshing, easy-drinking and delicious German offspring has a little more hop character and less of the phenolic character associated with it’s European ancestor. Our Canadian Wheat Ale all grain beer kit is crafted from the highest quality ingredients. A great brew for all grain brewers who enjoy North American-style wheat beers.

Our Canadian Wheat Ale All Grain Beer Kit Includes:

Experience Level: Advanced (all grain equipment required)
Pre-Boil Batch Size: 6.5 Gal (24.5 L) 60 Minute Boil
Post-Boil Batch Size: 5.25 Gal (20 L)
Mash Efficiency: Based on 75 %
Target ABV (Alcohol By Volume): 5.1 %
SRM (Beer Color): 4
IBU (International Bittering Units): 19

Finely Crafted Commercial Examples

Sun God

Sun God

A light-bodied wheat ale made with the highest quality Canadian wheat and 2-Row malted barley and is bittered and finished with premium German Perle hops producing a delicate cereal flavour with a hint of wheat.

Sir John A’s

A special blend of Canadian barley and wheat malts for brisk clean flavour, spicy hops for balance, and bucket loads of local honey for its lovely floral aroma.

Sir John A’s


A light touch of hops gives the brew a crisp finish, balancing its soft sweetness and texture with fruity or citrusy notes.

Additional information

Weight 9.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 8.75 × 8.75 in

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