Wellington Brewery Imperial Stout All Grain Beer Kit


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Please Note: This is NOT a clone. This is the actual recipe from Marvin Dyck.
Kit Yield: Approximately 40 (500 ml) Bottles of Beer
Liquid Yeast Options: White Labs WLP007 Dry English Ale, Imperial Organic A01 House Ale
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Wellington Brewery Imperial Stout All Grain Beer Kit

Goldsteam is proud to offer this award-winning recipe from Brewmaster Marvin Dyck of Wellington Brewery, Canada’s oldest independently owned microbrewery. This delicious Russian Imperial Stout is one of the boldest beers in Ontario. With an inviting aroma of dark chocolate and coffee, this Imperial Russian Stout has a smooth, full bodied flavour patterned after the highly fortified stouts that were exported from the U.K. to Russia in the 1800’s.

All of our donated recipes are helping to support charities within the brewer’s local community. Each time you purchase a beer kit from one of our award-winning brewers, we proudly donate $2 of the sale to their preferred charity. Marvin proudly supports Wounded Warriors of Canada with this award-winning Imperial Stout.

Marvin’s Imperial Stout All Grain Beer Kit Includes:

  • A Special Blend of International Base Malts
  • A Special Blend of European Specialty Malts
  • Three Hops Additions
  • Yeast (choose option above)
  • Priming Sugar (choose option above)
  • Wellington Imperial Stout All Grain Beer Kit Recipe Document

Experience Level: Advanced (all grain equipment required)
Pre-Boil Batch Size: 6.5 Gal (24.5 L) 60 Minute Boil
Post-Boil Batch Size: 5.25 Gal (20 L)
Mash Efficiency: Based on 75 %
Target ABV (Alcohol By Volume): 8.0 %
SRM (Beer Color): 46
IBU (International Bittering Units): 42

About Marvin And Wellington Brewery

Marvin Dyck

From “bottle monkey” to brewmaster, Marvin Dyck has watched the craft beer industry explode during his employment with Wellington Brewery since 2003.

His passion for making great beer is almost as big as his beard…almost. This passion is lived out on a daily basis as he seeks to develop new and unique beers using only the finest ingredients for his loyal customers. What a lucky guy, eh?

Marvin and Wellington proudly support Wounded Warriors of Canada
Wounded Warriors of Canada

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