Granville Island Cypress Honey Lager All Grain Beer Kit


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Please Note: This is NOT a clone, but the actual recipe from Kevin Emms.
Kit Yield: Approximately 40 (500 ml) Bottles of Beer
Fermentation: Temperature Control And Yeast Starter Are Recommended

Malted Grains *

Grains Are NOT Crushed Prior To Shipping

Honey Addition *

Filtering Out Yeast Is Required Post-Fermentation & Prior To Adding Honey

Yeast *

Kit Price Does Not Include Yeast – We Recommend Dry Yeast In The Summer

Priming Sugar (Dextrose) 4-5 Oz *

Required For Carbonation At Bottling Time


Granville Island Cypress Honey Lager All Grain Beer Kit

Goldsteam proudly offers the award-winning light lager recipe from brewmaster Kevin Emms of Granville Island Brewing Co. This laid back, easy-drinking lager has soft malt flavour and includes a dash of locally-sourced honey. A mild, yet well-balanced brew that hits the sweet spot every time, without being too sweet.

All of our donated recipes are helping to support charities within the brewer’s local community. Each time you purchase a beer kit from one of our award-winning brewers, we proudly donate $5 of the sale to their preferred charity. Kevin proudly supports The Greater Vancouver Food Bank with his Granville Island Cypress Honey Lager All Grain Beer Kit.

Kevin’s Cypress Honey Lager All Grain Beer Kit Includes:

  • A Special Blend Of Malted Grain
  • A Locally-Sourced Honey Addition
  • A Bittering Pellet Hop Addition
  • An Aroma Pellet Hop Addition
  • Lager Yeast (choose option above)
  • Priming Sugar (choose option above)
  • Cypress Honey Lager All Grain Beer Kit Recipe Document
  • Basic All Grain Brewing Instructions Document

Experience Level: Advanced (all grain equipment and temperature control required)
Pre-Boil Batch Size: 7.0 Gal (26.5 L) 90 min boil
Post-Boil Batch Size: 5.25 Gal (20 L)
Mash Efficiency: Based on 80 %
Target ABV (Alcohol By Volume): 4.7 %
SRM (Beer Color): 3
IBU (International Bittering Units): 15

About Kevin and Granville Island Brewing Co

Kevin Emms
Our love of flavourful beer runs deep, and it inspired us to open as Canada’s first microbrewery back in 1984.

In a time of limited beer options, it became our mission to craft delicious, locally brewed beer that we were proud to share with our friends. Today, that mission remains the same, with every new style offered at our original small batch brewery on Granville Island.

From our very first Island Lager, to the wide variety of flavours we craft today, our beer is as flavourful and refreshing as the moments we spend together. Some are bold and full of life, others are a little more laid back – but every one is brewed with high quality, natural ingredients – and best enjoyed with friends.

Kevin proudly supports The Greater Vancouver Food Bank

Greater Vancouver Food Bank

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Dimensions 9.75 × 9.75 × 9.75 in

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