Honey Cream Ale Extract Beer Kit


Yeast options: White Labs WLP029 or Imperial G03, or Safale K-97.

Steeping grains *

Steeping grains are NOT crushed prior to shipping

Grain steeping bag *

Kit includes grains that require a steeping bag

Priming sugar (dextrose) 4-5 oz *

Required for carbonation at bottling time


Honey Cream Ale Extract Beer Kit

Ale’s answer to the popularity of lagered beers. Our Honey cream ale extract beer kit is light, smooth, and easy-drinking with gentle notes of caramel, honey and citrus. Crafted from the highest quality ingredients, this thirst-quenching ale comes with steeping grains and is lightly-bittered with two hop additions. A true Canadian crowd-pleaser!

Please note: Yeast is now sold separately. Strain options linked above.

Our honey cream extract kit includes:

  • A 5.5 lb bag of golden light dry malt extract and dextrose
  • A blend of malt steeping grains
  • A bittering hop addition
  • A finishing hop addition
  • Priming sugar (choose option above)
  • Honey cream ale recipe document
  • Basic extract brewing instructions document

Experience level: Beginner (kit includes steeping grains)
Target batch size: 5.25 gal (20 l) into the fermenter
Target ABV (alcohol by volume): 5.0 %
SRM (beer colour): 5
IBU (international bittering units): 19


Begbie Cream Ale

A delicious, golden ale, delicately fruity, with a subtle honey flavour that finishes with a crisp hop edge.

Begbie Cream Ale
Portage Ale

Portage Ale

An easy-drinking cream ale made the real way with two yeast strains blended to give complexity and smoothness.

Maple Shack

A malty, smooth maple cream ale has a hint of maple syrup, with a mild hop bitterness. A tribute to Quebec’s legendary sugar shacks.

Maple Shack

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 7.75 × 7.75 in
  1. Colin Reid (verified owner)

    A great beer kit. After brewing so many kits using US-05 yeast, it was nice to try a kit with a different recommended yeast strain. It worked great and tasted great. The different yeast definitely adds to the flavour of this beer.

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