Vancouver Island Victoria Lager Extract Beer Kit


Please Note: This is NOT a clone, but the actual recipe from Danny Seeton
Kit Yield: Approximately 40 (500 ml) Bottles of Beer
Fermentation: Temperature Control And Yeast Starter Are Recommended

Steeping Grains *

Steeping Grains Are NOT Crushed Prior To Shipping

Grain Steeping Bag *

Kit Includes Grains That Require A Steeping Bag

Yeast *

Kit Price Does Not Include Yeast – We Recommend Dry Yeast In The Summer

Priming Sugar (Dextrose) 4-5 Oz

Required For Carbonation At Bottling Time


Vancouver Island Victoria Lager Extract Beer Kit

Goldsteam proudly offers this clean and crisp lager recipe from brewmaster Danny Seeton of Vancouver Island Brewing Co. Based on a Northern German Dortmunder Export, this full-bodied golden lager has a complex yet balanced malt profile. There are slightly more hops needed to balance the malt sweetness and using an extended lagering period, helps to create an assertively pleasant character.

All of our donated recipes are helping to support charities within the brewer’s local community. Each time you purchase a beer kit from one of our award-winning brewers, we proudly donate $2 of the sale to their preferred charity. Danny proudly supports Easter Seals BC/Yukon with his Vancouver Island Victoria Lager Extract Beer Kit recipe.

Danny’s Victoria Lager Extract Beer Kit Includes:

  • A Special Blend Of Liquid Malt Extract
  • A Special Blend Of Malt Steeping Grains
  • A Bittering Hop Addition
  • A Finishing Hop Addition
  • A Whirlpool Hop Addition
  • A Dry Hop Addition
  • Lager Yeast (choose option above)
  • Priming Sugar (choose option above)
  • Victoria Lager Extract Beer Kit Recipe Document
  • Basic Extract Brewing Instructions Document

Experience Level: Intermediate (temperature control and yeast starter recommended)
Pre-Boil Batch Size: 6.5 Gal (24.5 L) 60 min boil
Post-Boil Batch Size: 5.25 Gal (20 L)
Steeping Grain Efficiency: Based on 40 %
Target ABV (Alcohol By Volume): 4.8 %
SRM (Beer Color): 4
IBU (International Bittering Units): 22

About Danny and Vancouver Island Brewing Co

Danny Seeton
Born and raised in Langley, Danny Seeton recently relocated to Victoria to serve as the new Production Manager and R&D Brewer at the historic Vancouver Island Brewing. He’s moved away from his rubber-booted brewing past, but still spends a considerable amount of his time writing recipes. From test batches to full production run he leads the team in recipe adjustments & improvements.

Danny’s focus on traditional styles and high drinkability is due, in large part, to his passion for beer judging. As BC’s first National ranked BJCP judge and armed with an MSc in physical chemistry, his analytical focus on flavour profiles leans heavily towards the technical. Danny also has a thirst for beer education that had included founding CAMRA Vancouver’s education program, lecturing about homebrewing at UBC, and teaching an immersive two-week Serious Beer program in Taiwan in 2016.

Danny proudly supports Easter Seals BC/Yukon

Easter Seals

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