Auto Close Spring for Intertap and Nukatap Faucets


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Stainless Steel Auto Close Spring for Intertap and Nukatap Faucets

Turn your Intertap or Nukatap faucet into a self-closing faucet with this stainless steel faucet spring. The spring gets compressed between the faucet and the shank and forces the tap handle back into the closed position when you let go of it. This spring is designed to work with shanks with shallow bore hole openings of ~ 3/4″ deep, such as our 3″ chrome plated faucet shank and our 4″ chrome plated faucet shank. These are not compatible with shanks with bore holes > 1″ in length, such as our 4″ stainless steel faucet shank or our stainless tower shank. If you have your own shanks, remove the faucet and check before you order. However, if you want to use with a non-compatible shank, there is a DIY work-around. Take a No 2 Bung and cut it in half. Stick it into the bore hole and place a stainless steel washer on top. This will give you a shorter bore hole depth and create enough tension in the spring to force the lever to close.

Please Note: These do not work on Intertap Flow Control Faucets or Nukatap Flow Control Faucets.

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Weight .02 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × .625 × .625 in
  1. turek.jake (verified owner)

    Must have. Gives you piece of mind knowing that as soon as you let go of the handle, the beer will stop flowing.

  2. Colin Reid (verified owner)

    Super easy to install and at this price, there is no reason not to install them on Intertap faucets. Even if I bump my tap handles by accident, the beer does not flow out.

  3. Darrell Clarke (verified owner)

    These are tough to install, but worth it. I need the piece of mind the tap won’t stay open.

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