British IPA Extract Beer Kit


Steeping grains *

Steeping grains are NOT crushed prior to shipping

Grain steeping bag *

Kit includes grains that require a steeping bag

Priming sugar (dextrose) 4-5 oz *

Required for carbonation at bottling time


British IPA Extract Beer Kit With Steeping Grains

This style was originally brewed to survive long ocean voyages from England to India. Our British IPA extract beer kit is crafted from the highest quality extracts and steeping grains. With a slightly stronger malt profile than our American IPA and a little less hoppy, the result is a deliciously classic British-style IPA. A great brew for beginner-level extract brewers who are anxious to integrate steeping grains into their brewing process.

Please note: Yeast is now sold separately. Strain options linked above.

Our British IPA extract kit includes:

Experience level: Beginner (kit includes steeping grains)
Target batch size: 5.25 gal (20 l) into the fermenter
Target ABV (alcohol by volume): 5.0 %
SRM (beer colour): 10
IBU (international bittering units): 48


Lost Sailor IPA

Lost Sailor IPA

Lost Sailor has a well rounded malt profile to support generous dry-hopping with the time-honored Goldings hop variety. Floral and citrus aroma and medium body.

Fuller’s IPA

A blond to pale amber color with a wonderful head, slightly sweet aroma and the orangey-grassy flavors of hops in the finish. Wonderfully drinkable and surprisingly light.

Fuller's IPA
Commodore Perry IPA

Commodore Perry IPA

Dry and well-hopped, with an arsenal of caramel malt flavors befitting the “Hero of Lake Erie.”

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Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 × 7.75 × 7.75 in

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