Central City Red Racer IPA Extract Beer Kit


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Central City Red Racer IPA Extract Beer Kit

Goldsteam proudly offers one of the finest and iconic IPA recipes in Canada from Brewmaster Gary Lohin of Central City Brewing in Surrey, BC. The IPA was fashioned to survive the long voyage from England to India during the British colonization. Hops, hops and more hops! Race Racer IPA has an intense aroma and a long lingering finish. A beer for the connoisseur, this is the brewmaster’s choice.

All of our donated recipes are helping to support charities within the brewer’s local community. Each time you purchase a beer kit from one of our award-winning brewers, we proudly donate $2 of the sale to their preferred charity. Gary proudly supports Autism with the Red Racer IPA extract beer kit.

Please note: Yeast is now sold separately. Strain options linked above.

Gary’s Red Racer IPA extract kit includes:

Experience level: Beginner (kit includes steeping grains)
Target batch size: 5.25 gal (20 l) into the fermenter
Target ABV (alcohol by volume): 6.5 %
SRM (beer colour): 8
IBU (international bittering units): 80

About Gary Lohin and Central City

Gary Lohin

Born and raised in British Columbia, Gary is one of Canada’s most accomplished and celebrated brewers. With over 20 years experience, his career spans from spells at the Whistler Brewing Company, Okanagan Springs Brewery, and the founding of the Lower Mainland’s first brewpub.

In 2003, Gary became a partner in the company and he has since overseen two major expansions in production capacity. Under his supervision, Central City has become a leading Craft Brewer, recognized on the national and international stage with multiple awards.

IPA for Autism

Additional information

Weight 10.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 × 8.75 × 8.75 in
  1. d3l3stinson (verified owner)

    This is my favorite beer period!, it has a nice collection of flavors (tangerine, grapefruit and lemon) but all done well I put down 5 racers thus far and will continue to buy this great beer, love, love, love.

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