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Why pay more for grains you don’t need, when you can order the exact grain bill required to make a batch of beer. We’ve made it easy for you to order a single recipe by selling our grain by the ounce. Have multiple recipes? Not a problem. Just give us a breakdown of each recipe in the comments section during checkout and we’ll gladly separate the grain bills. Not sure how to convert ounces to pounds? No problem, here’s a quick reference to get you started:
1 oz = 0.0625 Lb 4 oz = 0.25 Lb 8 oz = 0.5 Lb 12 oz = 0.75 Lb 16 oz = 1 Lb
ImageMalt NameDescriptionTagsWeightPriceBuy
Acidulated Malt
Acidulated Malt (Per Oz)

Lowers mash pH and improves flavour in Pilsners, Light Ales & Wheat Beers.

.0625 lbs$0.11
Aromatic Malt
Aromatic Malt (Per Oz)

Adds intense flavour & hues of orange & red to Oktoberest, Bocks & Belgians

, .0625 lbs$0.10
Biscuit Malt
Biscuit Malt (Per Oz)

Adds light, toasty flavours & nutty aromas with notes of baked bread to light-brown ales.

, .0625 lbs$0.10
Black Malt
Black Malt (Per Oz)

Adds sharp roasted flavour & deep red-black colour in very small amounts.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Bohemian Pilsner Malt
Bohemian Pilsner Malt (Per Oz)

Adds golden-blonde colour for all lagers & some Belgians.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Brown Malt
Brown Malt (Per Oz)

Adds dark & bitter roasted flavours for English brown ales, milds, stouts & porters.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Carafa II Malt
Carafa® Special Type II (Per Oz)

Dark-roasted & de-husked for rich colour, body, flavour & aroma without astringent bitterness

, .0625 lbs$0.11
Carafoam Malt
CaraFoam® Malt (Per Oz)

A dextrin malt used to add body & foam stability without adding colour.

.0625 lbs$0.09
Caramel Pilsen Malt
Caramel Pilsen Malt (Per Oz)

Adds a pleasant caramel aroma & light red hues while increasing body & head retention.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
CaraMunich 40 Malt
CaraMunich 40L Malt (Per Oz)

Adds sweet flavours & aromas, and deep golden-light copper colour.

, .09 lbs$0.09
CaraMunich 60 Malt
CaraMunich 60L Malt (Per Oz)

Adds light, toasty sweet flavours & aromas and golden-copper colour.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
CaraMunich 80 Malt
CaraMunich 80L Malt (Per Oz)

Adds sweet, toasty flavours & aromas and deep golden-copper colour.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
CaraPils Malt
CaraPils Malt (Per Oz)

A dextrin malt that adds unfermentable sugars to increase foam stability & body to any beer

, .0625 lbs$0.09
CaraRed Malt
CaraRed® Malt (Per Oz)

Adds body & deep, rich red colour in Irish Red Ales, Scottish Ales, Altbiers & Bocks.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Carastan Malt
Carastan Malt (Per Oz)

Adds caramel, toffee notes & hints of toasted bread to British & American Ales.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
CaraWheat® Malt (Per Oz)
CaraWheat® Malt (Per Oz)

Adds creaminess, body, colour & notes of caramel, almond & biscuit to Witbiers, Red Ales, Hefes & Dunkels.

, , .0625 lbs$0.09
Chit Malt
Chit Malt (Per Oz)

Promotes foam formation and increases foam stability.

.0625 lbs$0.08
Chocolate Malt
Chocolate Malt (Per Oz)

Adds roasted coffee & bitter-sweet cocoa flavours to Brown Ales, Stouts & Porters.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Chocolate Rye Malt
Chocolate Rye Malt (Per Oz)

Adds a distinct roasted flavour while enhancing aroma in Dunkels, Roggenbiers, Stouts & Porters.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Chocolate Wheat Malt
Chocolate Wheat Malt (Per Oz)

Adds a unique, lightly-roasted flavour & dark colour to Altbiers, Dunkels, Stouts & Porters.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Crystal 120L Malt
Crystal 120L Malt (Per Oz)

Adds strong caramel & raison flavour & deep red colour to Red Ales, Porters & Stouts.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Crystal 15L Malt
Crystal 15L Malt (Per Oz)

Adds unique candy-like toffee flavours & light golden hues.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Crystal 40L Malt
Crystal 40L Malt (Per Oz)

Adds unique toffee & caramel flavours and rich golden hues.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Crystal 60L Malt
Crystal 60L Malt (Per Oz)

Adds light red hues, rich caramel flavour & notes of toasted bread.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Dark Crystal Malt
Dark Crystal Malt (Per Oz)

Adds roasted character, caramel flavour and a reddish hue to dark ales.

, .0625 lbs$0.10
Dark Munich Malt
Dark Munich Malt (Per Oz)

Adds smooth & intense malt flavours to Dark Lagers, Stouts, Oktoberest, Bocks, & Belgians.

, .0625 lbs$0.08
ESB Pale Malt
ESB Pale Malt (Per Oz)

Adds warm, malty flavour & nutty biscuit notes for dark, rich British ales.

, .0625 lbs$0.08
Flaked Corn
Flaked Corn (Per Oz)

Lightens colour & body in lagers & ales, while adding neutral flavour.

, .0625 lbs$0.11
Flaked Oats
Flaked Oats (Per Oz)

Add rich & smooth, full-bodied oat flavour to stouts & Hazy IPA’s

, .0625 lbs$0.08
Flaked Rice
Flaked Rice (Per Oz)

Lightens body & increases crispness in American & Japanese lagers.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Golden Promise Malt
Golden Promise Malt (Per Oz)

A mellow, slightly-sweet base malt for making authentic Scottish ales.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Honey Malt
Honey Malt (Per Oz)

Adds intense sweetness & characteristic honey-like flavour to any speciality beer.

, .0625 lbs$0.08
Munich 10L Malt
Light Munich Malt (Per Oz)

A plump, sweet & mellow roasted malt ideal for Alts, Bocks, Oktoberfest/Marzens.

, .0625 lbs$0.08
Maris Otter Malt
Maris Otter Malt (Per Oz)

A great base for any English ale, adding rich golden colour & nutty flavour.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Melanoidin Malt
Melanoidin Malt (Per Oz)

Improves flavour stability while adding malt character, fullness & hues of red.

, .0625 lbs$0.09
Pale Chocolate Malt
Pale Chocolate Malt (Per Oz)

Adds milder chocolate & coffee flavours than most chocolate malts to browns, dark milds, porters & stouts.

, .0625 lbs$0.10
2-Row Malt
Premium Pale 2-Row Malt (Per Oz)

A smooth, well-modified & premium quality base for any style.

, .0625 lbs$0.07
Roasted Barley
Roasted Barley (Per Oz)

Adds the dark colour & rich, sharp coffee flavour characteristics to Stouts

, .0625 lbs$0.10
Rye Malt
Rye Malt (Per Oz)

Adds a dry bread, spicy rye flavour to Roggenbiers, RyePA’s, Smoked & Wheat Beers.

, .0625 lbs$0.08
Beech Wood Smoked Malt
Smoked Malt (Per Oz)

Prepared over beech wood giving beer flavour reminiscent of smoked ham & bonfires.

.0625 lbs$0.10
Special B Malt
Special B Malt (Per Oz)

Adds dark caramel flavour & notes of burnt sugar & dark fruit to Trappist Ales, Dubbels, Dark Strong Ales, Porters & Stouts.

, .0625 lbs$0.10
Special Roast Malt
Special Roast Malt (Per Oz)

A biscuit-style malt with intense toasted biscuity flavours, tangy sour-dough and notes of bran flakes.

, .0625 lbs$0.10
Superior Pale Ale Malt
Superior Pale Ale Malt (Per Oz)

A well-modified, low-protein superior base malt for traditional ales.

, .0625 lbs$0.07
Pilsner Malt
Superior Pilsen Malt (Per Oz)

A low protein, clean & sweet base malt with delicate flavour for all styles.

, .0625 lbs$0.07
Flaked Barley
Toasted Barley Flakes (Per Oz)

Adds grainy flavour, creamy body & head retention to Stouts & German Lagers.

, .0625 lbs$0.07
Toasted Rye Flakes (Per Oz)
Toasted Rye Flakes (Per Oz)

Adds a dry, crisp & strong rye flavour to Roggenbiers & RyePA’s.

, .0625 lbs$0.07
Flaked Wheat
Toasted Wheat Flakes (Per Oz)

Greatly increases body & head retention in many beer styles.

, .0625 lbs$0.07
Victory Malt
Victory Malt (Per Oz)

Adds nutty, toasted biscuit flavours & aromas similar to baked bread.

, .0625 lbs$0.11
Vienna Malt
Vienna Malt (Per Oz)

Adds dry, slightly toasty flavour to Oktoberfests, Vienna Lagers or APA’s

, .0625 lbs$0.08
White Wheat Malt
Wheat Malt (Per Oz)

A sweet & mildy bready base for use in all types of wheat beers.

, , .0625 lbs$0.07