Floating Dip Tube Keg Conversion Kit


Start drinking clear beer as soon as it’s carbonated using the floating dip tube keg conversion kit.

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Floating Dip Tube Keg Conversion Kit

Tired of waiting for your kegged beer to clear before you can start drinking? Now you can draw the clearest beer possible from the first pint to the last using the floating dip tube keg conversion kit. This great little device allows you to draw from the top of the keg where the bear is the clearest. As beer is dispensed the float keeps the dip tube near the top of the beer right through until the keg is empty. Simply unscrew the beverage (out) post and remove the long dip tube. Insert the 3″ dip tube included in this kit, screw the post back on and then attach the tubing to the new dip tube. Attach the stainless steel float to the other end of the tubing. Conversion kit includes a 3″ metal dip tube, a 23.5″ length of 1/4″ ID silicone tubing, and a stainless steel floating ball. Compatible with all ball lock or pin lock homebrew kegs. Sized for 5 gallon kegs, but can be shortened for use with smaller kegs.

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Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

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