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CO2 Tank Refilling Service – Local Chilliwack Customers Only

Goldsteam proudly offers a door-to-door CO2 tank refilling service for our local customers. This service includes a free co2 tank pickup with next day drop off. Please select your tank size from the list of options. Once ordered, we’ll contact you to arrange a pickup time. If you’re located outside of the greater Chilliwack area, such as in Rosedale, Greendale, Yarrow, or Cultus Lake, there’s an additional $5 service fee. If the pickup/drop-off location differs from the billing address provided during checkout, please use the order notes at the bottom of the checkout page to enter the location.

Please Note: If you have multiple tanks to fill and are located outside of the greater Chilliwack area, you only need to pay the additional $5 fee once. Simply add to cart multiple times, with the fee selected during your initial add to cart.

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