Wort Oxygenating Kit with Regulator


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Wort Oxygenating Kit with Regulator

Stop shaking and take your homebrewing to the next level by injecting pure O2 directly into the wort. Oxygenating your wort to at least 10 ppm (part per million) is important for healthy yeast propagation in order to reach final gravity and minimize potential off flavours. On the flip-side, too much O2 can lead to excessive fusel alcohols in your beer, so being able to calculate and add the proper amount of O2 is incredibly important for achieving optimal results.

The mini oxygen flow regulator has a hose barb outlet that fits most 3/16″ to 1/4″ tubing and has a CGA 540 input (which fits virtually all oxygen welding tanks). It dispenses from 1/32 to 4 liters per minute of oxygen, and for most 5-10 gallon home brewing uses, you will set it at 1/8 to 1 liter per minute. Purchase a full oxygen welding tank with a CGA 540 valve at any welding supply shop and take advantage of the fact that you can aerate ~ 300 five gallon batches of wort with one standard 20 cubic foot tank. You’ll be too old to shake carboys by the time the tank runs empty.

The 24″ stainless steel wand with 2 micron diffusion stone is attached to 4 ft of 1/4″ braided tubing that includes an inline air filter to ensure the wort receives 100% sanitary O2. The tubing connects directly to the barbed outlet on the regulator.

The wort oxygenating kit includes the following:

  • A mini oxygen flow regulator featuring a click-thru flow control knob for adjusting outlet pressure from 1/32 to 4 liters per minute so you’re able calculate how much O2 you’ve added to the wort. It also displays the remaining pressure in the tank.
  • A 24″ stainless steel wand with a 2 micron diffusion stone for positioning the stone exactly where you want in the carboy to stay sanitary throughout the process. The wand comes attached to the diffusion stone.
  • 4 feet of 1/4″ braided tubing, an in-line sanitary air filter and 4 hose clamps

Be careful not to handle the stone with your fingers as oils may clog the pores of the stone.

Please note: This regulator does not connect to the small disposable O2 tanks found at local hardware stores. For those tanks, we sell a separate kit found HERE.

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